Sabtu, 25 April 2009

Lexus IS-250

Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept, a sporty alternative to the Lexus IS-F sedan During the Paris Auto Show was a great deal of international developments, and now we have the Auto Show in Sydney, a small event that brings together the leftovers of other novelties. These are the Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept, which is basically an Lexus IS 250 sedan with a modified standard aerodynamic kit, 19 inch rims, brake calipers with blue (blue Lexus F) of six pistons at the front wheels and four in the later. It also has Bilstein shocks and coils, reinforcing bars, larger air inlets, an improved exhaust system, new clutch, shortest route changes, an engine cover Lexus carbon fiber, among other elements that approach the sport sedan Lexus IS-F.

The Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept has the standard engine of Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept2.5 liters V6, although improvements in the breathing system increases the power slightly (1.5 percent) totaling 213 hp. These improvements to the Lexus IS 250 Sports Concept are considered to be marketed in Australia, and now expect to be traded in other markets in the world.

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