Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Grand Livina 2011

The Nissan Livina Geniss (骏逸 [Jun Yi] in Chinese) is a compact MPV, introduced on July 6, 2006 by Nissan Motors and their Chinese affiliate, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company at the Guangzhou International Motor Show and scheduled to go on sale in December 2006. The five-seat version is known as Nissan Livina while the seven-seat version is known as the Nissan Geniss.

It is powered by the Nissan MR18DE engine, and according to Nissan, will be their first in a line of new global vehicles, and is the first Nissan vehicle to debut in China before being released in other countries.

The base body of the five-seat version is shorter than the seven-seat version. It is available in 1.6 Litre (1.5 Litre in Indonesia) and 1.8 Litre engines similar to the Nissan Latio.

The car was launched in Indonesia in 2007 with only the seven-seat version known as theNissan Grand Livina, with the five-seat version following later known as the Nissan Livina XR. A year later on Dec 2007 it was launched in Malaysia with only the seven-seat version available for 1.6L and 1.8L engines.

The Nissan Grand Livina was introduced in the Philippine market in July 2008. With the standard configuration being a 7 seater. It is either mated to a 6-Speed manual or 4-speed automatic.

In 2008, a modified Nissan Livina crossover called Nissan Livina X-Gear was introduced in Indonesia.

In 2009, the Livina, the Grand Livina and the Livina X-Gear started to be made in São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, in Brazil, by Nissan. The basic version and the X-Gear use the 1.6-liter engine sourced by Renault. Both versions and the Grand Livina use the 1.8-liter Nissan engine too. All of them are flex-fuel.

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