Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The Hyundai Genesis Coupé is a rear-wheel drive sports coupe from Hyundai Motor Company, released on October 13, 2008 for the Korean market. It is Hyundai's first rear-wheel drive sports coupe, and shares its basic platform with the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan.

The Genesis Coupe arrived in United States dealerships on February 26, 2009 as a 2010 model.[1] Hyundai USA acting President and CEO John Krafcik has described the Genesis Coupe as being designed
"...to deliver a driving experience that challenges cars like the Infiniti G37."[1] Hyundai has stated the Genesis Coupe is not intended as a successor to the similar Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon or Tuscani in some markets)

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